Recording Studio

Whitefish Montana


Live musicians, ensemble, or individual.  The more the better, get it done and move on.


Bring it in or send to me. 

By the hour or flat rate for a mix


I'm happy to help you with your production.  You are the artist and I can advise and guide you through making a record.

A small but effective recording space with one iso booth.  Capable of recording multiple players at one time.

Studio Owned & Operated by Toby Scott 


2 - AKG C1000 condensor mics

1 - AKG 220 condensor mic

2 - AKG C451B condensor mics

1 - AKG D112 dynamic mic

1 - Avantone CV-12 tube mic w shkmt

1 - Neumann U87P condensor mic w shkmt

1 - Neumann U87Ai condensor mic w shkmt

2 - Rode NT1-A condensor mics

2 - Rode NT-5 condensor mics

3 - Royer R122 ribbon mic w shkmt

1 - Royer SF-24 stereo ribbon mic w shkmt

3 - Shure SM-57 dynamic mics

2 - Studio Projects TB-1 tube mics

2 - Yamaha MZ205 dynamic mics

1 - Yamaha MZ204 dynamic mic


Gibson 1951 - J50 Acoustic guitar

Isana Sunburst Acoustic guitar

Yamaha FG Junior Acoustic guitar 3/4 size

Fender P-Bass Special elect bass

Epiphone Special (Les Paul Jr) Electric Guitar


Wurlitzer 200A elect piano

Casio CDP200R Digital piano

Korg SP-100 digital piano

Yamaha S-30 keyboard

Fender Vibro Champ guitar amp

Fender Squire Champ guitar amp

Epiphone Studio 10 guitar amp

Recording - Monitoring

Protools Ultimate 2019.6.0

Logic Pro X

AVID Artist Mix Console

Focusrite ISA828 - 8 Channel mic preamp

True Precision 8 - 8 Channel mic preamp

Drawmer 1960 Stereo mic preamp

AVID 16 Channel HD I/O A>D>A

Dual 27" Monitor screens

Yamaha NS10M Studio monitors

Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube monitors

Ramsa WP 9055 Power amp

Samson Servo 120a Power amp

Behringer AMP800 Headphone amp

Samson C-Que Headphone amp

Sony MDR 7506 Studio Headphones

Plugins & Virtual Instruments

Altiverb 7.3.1

Apogee Clearmountains Domain

Izotope RX7, Nectar 2 Prod Suite

Melodyne Studio 4

Serato Pitch n Time 3.01

Waves Rennaissance Maxx

Waves CLA plugins

Misc individual audio control plugins

Arturia V-Collection 5

East West Goliath Instrument sounds

NI Komplete 6 Instrument sounds

Roland Sound Cloud Instrument sounds

Soniccouture - Misc sounds

Superior Drummer 3, w 4 additional kits

Misc other instrument sounds


I have worked with some of the biggest names in the music

industry at studios all over the US and Europe.  Now I am working at my own studio with local artists and producers.

No artist is too small or insignificant.  I'm ready to bring my years of commercial work experience to aid in your project. Take advantage of my history recording and mixing, and collaborating with radio, television and movie companies for national and world wide productions.

Bruce Springsteen
Gimmic - Jazz group
Glacier Symphony and Chorale
Ethan Thompson - Solo artist, Hollywood Records

Music genre's I have worked on at Cabin 6 Studio:

Lance Bendiksen - Producer, film composer, Grammy & Emmy winner

Modern pop:

Every DayRitual - mix

Juliette Fire - mix

D. Stone Project - mix

Country Western:

Rochelle McArthur - record & mix


Gimmic - record & mix


Badger Hound Band - record & mix


Montana - Mix

Heavy Metal:

Sick Billy - record & mix


Studio & engineer
$75 per hour recording time
$50 per hour background production time (engineering work toward betterment of project)
standard studio rate p/h or
$300 per song flat rate
(outside recordings to be delivered per mixing specs)
Included with studio rate because I cannot help but advise during the course of recording. 
If a project requires extensive production, a rate will be agreed upon by both parties


Ready to book a session or just inquire? 

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420 E 3rd Street

Whitefish, MT  59937

Our studio is open when you need it.

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